Exotic and dazzling


Deep golden colour beer. With thin head, long persistance and high carbonation


Tropical fruity and citrus peel hints


It starts with intense tropical fruit notes (mango, papaya, guava, passion fruit) and citrus peels (grapefruit and red orange). Smooth and balanced on the palate, in spite of the high HBV, with a malty body that gives light notes of caramel and toffee. Bitter and dry finish, with the general sensation of a flavoured yet easy sipping beer. This beer is characterized by a high hopping and a high HBV which balances the drink.


These beers became popular in the USA around the mid 90’s among the fans of hop, who were looking for stronger and stronger tastes. They are characterised by  an higher ABV, compared to the classical American Ipa, and by the massive use of hop, ussualy with fruity notes. This style has been the inspiration for the creativity of many craft microbreweries.


This beer can be drunk along with strong and complex tasting dishes and it matches well with spicy food. Double Ipas matches perfectly with indian and mexican food, but they are also perfect for grilled meats, fried prawns and mollusk and for fatty fish like salmon. It is also good with hamburger, soft cheese (gorgonzola and taleggio) and blue-veined cheese

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