La Scüra

Creamy and toasted


impenetrable black body capped by a huge creamy whipped beige–colored head, given by the use of oatmeal, a cereal with high proteine level. Moderate carbonation based on style.


mild notes of chocolate and coffee, malty aromas.


mooth and velvet on the palate. Coffee. Cappuccino, licorice and dark chocolate hints along with fruity characters given by the “british” yeasts used in fermentation. The smooth mouthfeel and the malty aroma helps the beer guide down the throat effortlessy; in spite of its low ABV, it's a full- bodied beer, with an intense flavor profile. The finish on the palate in sweet, with no astringency or bitterness. With low alcohol content, it's an easy-drinking light beer.


It is a great beer to pair with medium-aged cheese, second dishes like grilled pork or stew, spit poultry, but also with desserts like tiramisú, meringue cake, panna cotta, hazelnut and nut cake.

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