La Renna Ciuca

Warm and enveloping


Color ranges from reddish to brown; thin grany and persistent head with moderate carbonation based on style.

On the nose:

Spicy candied fruit aromas supported by sweet hints of caramel


Initial sweet enveloping notes, typical of Christmas beer. Spices used in infusion (bergamot, ginger, juniper berries, elder flowers, cinnamon and raisin) are flavouful. The linden honey added to the kettle gives a characteristic camphor aroma, with a solid malt backbone that enriches the beer with toffee notes. The general freshness given by spices dissimulates the high ABV, giving the beer an enveloping touch. It finishes sweet and smooth on the palate, with a general balance between the different organoleptic components. A warmed-up, enveloping beer, to enjoy in cold winter

Beey style:

Belgian Strong Ale style, with spicy notes typical of Christmas beers

Suggested food pairings:

A beer to pair with sweet and sour food typical of nordic countries, like deer or roe deer meat accompained by blueberry-based sauces and confitures. It pairs extremely well with aromatic sotf cheese like gorgonzola and also with desserts like pandoro, panettone with crème patissière, dark chocolate.

Available size:

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Sabato 29 e domenica 30 giugno