La Nòcc

La Nòcc, from local dialect "The Night"

Intense, complex and rich


inky blackness, beige moderate and persistent head. Low carbonation based on style.


an initial noticeable alcohol warmth, with hints of amaretto and spirit barrique. Sweet finish with licorice and chocolate notes.


flavor really opens up as it warms, with variable ranges of roastiness and malt tones: chocolate and cacao, coffee and licorice with a hint of alcohol- infused fruit (cherry, plum, blackberry) and dried fruit (date, walnut, hazelnut, fig, raisin). The deep and armonious malt flavor, in spite of the high ABV, makes this beer highly drinkable. The finish is rich and refined, with a light aftertaste of wood and barrique, similar to the one of a barrel- aging liquor (Bourbon or Whisky). Intense, complex beer, it joins together a strong personality and a deep strength.


A beer with higher ABV than the other english versions, it was destined for exportation to the Russian imperial court. Modern versions can have an ABV higher than 10%.


This beer envelops the tongue like a comforting blanket on a cold night. It matches with desserts (amaretto tiramisú, ganache cream, almond torrone) and particular types of craft chocolate (gianduiotto, truffle chocolate).

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