La Malìa

Noble and refined


deep gold beer. Thin, persistent head with moderate carbonation based on style.


intense wild strawberry, gooseberry and rose petals flavours supported by ripe fruit (apple, pear) and raisin hints.


complex silky body, with a fusion of fruit pulp (peach and apricot) and candied fruit hints, with a soft malty background of honey and bread making. On the palate, armonious balance between the sweetness of the grapes (Malvasia) and the sour/sharp of the pomaces. The finish is sweet, with a general sense of a refined and elegant beer. Beer meets wine, with the addition of Malvasia white grapes during fermentation. These grapes, are grown by the winery “Camorali”, in the amazing natural Geology reserve in Lugagnano Val d'Arda (PC). This beer is made in collaboration with the oenologist Francesco Invernizzi, well-known international expert of yeasts and fermentations.


Example of indigenous italian style. Being quite recent, it can undergo different interpretations.


It matches well with delicate tastes, delicate first dishes of fish, second dishes of white meat and it is a great beer to pair especially with fruit desserts, fruit salads, tarts, fruit cakes and Cantucci biscuits.

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