La Durada

Intense and captiating


Copper-colored beer with white, persistent creamy head. Substantial carbonation based on style.


it opens up in the glass with intense notes of spices and honey. High alcohol content adds no warming sensation.


it opens with a mix of flavours, giving way to sweet balsamic notes given by the linden honey used in the infusion process, supported by caramel and molasses hints that gives complexity to the body. Malty flavor, fresh and light, due to the spices used in the infusion (cardamom, coriander and pink peppercorn), gives a good general balance. The alcohol content is masterfully disguised by a light body, that comes from the use of candi sugar; it finishes clean on the palate. Complex aroma and flavour, brave example of Belgian- style Tripel.


Belgian-style Triple; Marriage of spicy, honey and candi sugar flavors .High in alcohol but does not taste strongly of alcohol, no warming sensation.


perfect to match with meat and stewed brassicas. Poultry (chicken, turkey ,guinea-fowl, quail) combined with broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprout and stewed asparagus with potatoes and béchamel. A sip-after-sip beer to warm up after a long cold winter day, in front of a fireplace. Produced using linden honey from Como lake mountains, by our friend Martino e le Api (link)

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