La Ciara

Clean and herbaceous


pale straw in colour, thin dense and persistent head with substancial carbonation based on style. Clean and transparent chacacter typical of low fermentation styles.


herbaceous and spicy aromas (freshly cut grass and yellow wild flowers) given by Saaz-type yeast.


it opens like a refreshing invitation, with a fusion of cracker and bread crust flavours given by the Pils malt and sweet honey-like notes by the Carapils malt. The yeast gives a bitter note on the palate, along with herbaceous hoppy notes and fruity spicy hints. The finish is dry and bitter, typical of the style. Lively, fizzy, easy drinking beer, produced following decoction mashing techniques, traditionally used to get the most out of the malt, enhancing the full sweet grainy flavour.


Pilsner takes its name from the Czech city of Pilsen, where it was first produced in 1842 by Bavarian brewer Josef Groll. This beer stands out for the use of remarkably soft water, clean yeasts and local Saaz noble hops. Easy- drinking brew, with high-quality ingredients.


Refreshing light beer, to enjoy anytime, anywhere. It pairs extremely well with fish (especially fried), white meat, roasted chicken and turkey, vegetables preserved in oil, medium-aged cheese and charcuterie, quiche, pizza, focaccia and legumes farinata.

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