La Casciaball

Fresh and drinkable


Pale straw in colour, with thin and persistent head; carbonation based on style.

On the nose:

Fruity notes given by the hop used during fermentation process. .


Fresh and vibrant start, with notes of cracker and bread pasta with some fruit hints that gives way to the subtle malt character and stone fruit hints, like apricot and plum. It finishes dry, well-balanced and clean on the palate.

Beer style:

Original beer style from the territory of Westphalia, in Gemany; according to the convention, this style is mostly characterised by the use of only Pilsner malt and fruity yeasts. In the city of Cologne this beer is served in Kölschglas, a tall, thin, cylindrical 20-cL glass.

Suggested food pairings:

Fresh and breezy, the perfect every day beer. It makes a perfect, refreshing accompaniment to a happy hour or a chat with your friends. Perfect match with crudité, fresh cheese, charcuterie, omelette or rice salad and fresh main courses.

Available size:

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