Ghe sem

Amber Bavarian-style lager


deep amber/copper in colour with white, persistent creamy head. Substantial carbonation based on style. Cleanliess and brightness typical of low fermentation beers.


toasted bread notes prevail, along with dried fruit (nut and hazelnut), and subtle toffee hints. Floral (yellow wild flowers) and grassy (cut grass and dry hay) notes.


mooth start, with malty notes of cereal (crust of bread, toasted bread) along with delicate toffee hints, raisin, honey and cookie (savoiardo). It has a perfect flavour balance between sweet and bitter on the palate; its medium body makes the beer easy to drink. The finish is dry and armonious, giving a general sensation of cleanliness and brightness. Beer produced following decoction mashing techniques, traditionally used to get the most out of the malt, enhancing the full sweet grainy flavour.


Marzen beer has its origins in Bavaria (in the city of Munich), and it was traditionally brewed in March and aged in cold caves throughout the summer. From the end of september and the beginning of October, to celebrate the new season of beer production, a stronger version was served at what will later become one of the world’s most important beer festival: the Oktoberfest.


It pairs extremely well with tasty main courses (saffron and sausage risotto, pappardelle with ragú sauce, meat ravioli in broth) but also with second dishes like roasted chicken with potatoes or rotisserie chicken, roasted pork with stewed broccoli, steak with spinach and meat skewers.

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