Ciapa fià

Gentle & Kind Beer


Amber in color with with thin and low persistent head; Substantial carbonation based on style.


caramel and toasted dried fruit notes prevail, along with floral (cyclamen) notes


mooth start, with malty notes of caramel, toasted bread and dried fruit. English noble Goldings hops add some complexity, with a touch of floral flavours and sweet candies and orange jam hints. The malty body makes the beer highly drinkable; Crystal malts add caramel and sweet flavours which help balance the bitterness typical of this english beer sytle. The finish is bitter and dry, according to the style, leaving the mouth clean and dry. Easy-drinking beer, whose low ABV makes it hugely enjoyable. The ideal serving temperature is a bit higher than other beer styles. Serve it at a temperature of -14 C °


Bitter beers are traditional beers with moderate ABV, soft and amber body, produced only with local hopes, malts and yeasts. They are normally served at the pub or tavern counter with the use of a hand pump service, directly from the cask, without the use of any extraneous carbon dioxide pressure. They are also served with a reduced level of gas, a thin head, at cellar temperature in a glass called Pint.


Easy-drinking beer, can also be drunk, without any accompaniment. It pairs extremely well with a starter of fresh, short- aged cheese, charcuterie, savory pies, fried vegetables or with second dishes like curry chicken.

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