Smoked and strong


copper-colored beer, with ruby highlights. Thin, pale brown and creamy head; moderate carbonation based on style.

On the nose:

Intense malty notes based on style, along with dark caramel, toasted hazelnut and bread crust with a subtle fumè profile.


Full-bodied and florid start, with caramel hints, toffee and browned bread, which gives way to smoked notes (bacon, speck, provola) given by the use of special malts, smoked on beech tree. The finish is dry and clean. The different organoleptic properties play an essental role in the general complexity of this beer.

Beer style:

medium-high ABV, according to anglo-saxon style, in this case characterised by the use of special ingredients that make the flavour unique. Mexican Lagers are low fermentation beers, inspired by German styles, who first appeared in the USA southern states, near the mexican border. Mainly produced by German immigrants, these beers stand out for the use of Barley malt, along with huge quantities of other cereals, like corn and rice. Blonde beers with moderate ABV, making them extremely easy sipping.

Suggested food pairings:

: It pairs well with aged cheese, charcuterie like speck, bacon, lard, first dishes like pasta alla carbonara, zola and walnut, pizzoccheri and read meat barbecue spiced with spicy sauces.

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